Storage procedure for yeast preservation (SOP ID: 0011)

Revision nr.:
Release date:
January 28, 2020

Last release date:

January 28, 2020
Ada Serena Marletta


Ada Serena Marletta

1. Scope

This Standard Operating Procedure provides a step-by-step protocol to prepare yeast strain glycerol stocks.

2. Background

This Standard Operating Procedure is intended for qualified personnel who was trained according to the ISO-9001 quality framework.

3. Prerequisites

Documents required:

  • MIAMI quality manual
  • SOP ID 0001

Material required:

  • Generic lab-, glass- and plastic-ware
  • 30% Sterile glycerol solution
  • Sterile YPD medium
  • 2 ml screw-cap vials
  • dry ice
  • orbital shaker
  • spectrophotometer

4. Changes since last revision

No changes were made since last version

5. Role and responsibilities

Author (Au): Staff scientist properly trained to draft, review and disseminate standard operating procedures within the framework of ISO-9001

Approver (Ap): PI with the authority to approve, reject and withdraw standard operating procedures

MIAMI Quality Manager (QM): MIAMI authorized Quality Manager

Operator (Op): Staff scientist properly trained to execute the standard operating procedure

6. Monitoring Requirements

The present document can be reviewed at any time required by the author and the MIAMI Quality Manager.
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