Publication list

This is the complete list of scientific, peer-reviewed publications coming out of the MIAMi project.

Identifying Missing Biosynthesis Enzymes of Plant Natural Products

Thomas Dugé de Bernonville, Nicolas Papon, Marc Clastre, Sarah E.O’Connor, Vincent Courdavault, Trends in Pharmacological Science, 2019,


Evolution-guided Engineering of Small-Molecule Biosensors

Tim Snoek, Evan K Chaberski, Francesca Ambri, Stefan Kol, Sara P Bjørn, Bo Pang, Jesus F Barajas, Ditte H Welner, Michael K Jensen, Jay D Keasling, Nucleic Acid Research, 2019,


Beyond the Semi-Synthetic Artemisinin: Metabolic Engineering of Plant Derived Anticancer-Drugs

Ines Carqueijeiro, Chloe Langley. Dagny Grzech, Konstantinos Koudounas, Nicolas Papon, Sarah E. O’Connor, Vincent Courdavault, Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2019,


Towards the Microbial Production of Plant-Derived Anticancer Drugs

Vincent Courdavault, Sarah E. O’Connor, Audrey Oudin, Sébastien Besseau, Nicolas Papon, Trends in Cancer, 2020,


Virus Induced Gene Silencing: Hush Genes to Make Them Talk

Vincent Courdavault, Sébastien  Besseau, Audrey Oudin, Nicolas Papon, & Sarah E. O’Connor, Trends in Plant Science, 2020,


Engineering G-Proteins Coupled Receptor Signalling in Yeast for Biotechnological and Medical Purposes

Bettina Lenger, Michael K. Jensen, FEMS Yeast Research, 2020,


Deploying Microbial Synthesis for Halogenating and Diversifying Medicinal Alkaloid Scaffolds

Samuel A. Bradley, Jie Zhang, Michael K. Jensen, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2020,


Dietary Change Enables Robust Growth-Coupling of Heterologous Methyltransferase Activity in Yeast

Anne Sofie Lærke Hansen, Maitreya J. Dunham, Dushica Arsovska, Jie Zhang, Jay D. Keasling, Markus J. Herrgard, Michael K. Jensen, ACS Synthetic Biology, 2020,


Tracking the origin and evolution of plant metabolites

Christophe Duplais, Nicolas Papon, Vincent Courdavault, Trends in Plant Science, 2020,

Identifying genes involved in alkaloid biosynthesis in Vinca minor through transcriptomics and gene co-expression analysis

Emily Amor Stander, Liuda Johana Sepúlveda, Thomas Dugé de Bernonville, Inês Carqueijeiro, Konstantinos Koudounas, Pamela, Lemos Cruz, Sébastien Besseau, Arnaud Lanoue, Nicolas Papon, Nathalie Giglioli-Guivarch, Ron Dirks, Sarah Ellen O’Connor, Lucia Atehortùa, Audrey Oudin, Vincent Courdavault, Biomolecules, 2020,


Improved virus-induced gene silencing allows discovery of a serpentine synthase gene in Catharanthus roseus

Kotaro Yamamoto, Dagny Grzech, Konstantinos Koudounas, Emily Amor Stander, Lorenzo Caputi, Tetsuro Mimura, Vincent Courdavault, Sarah E O’Connor, Plant Physiology, 2021,


Peroxisomes: A New Hub for Metabolic Engineering in Yeast

Natalja Kulagina, Sébastien Besseau, Nicolas Papon, Vincent Courdavault, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2021,


Metabolic engineering for plant natural products biosynthesis: new procedures, concrete achievements and remaining limits

Vincent Courdavault, Sarah E. O’Connor, Michael K. Jensen, Nicolas Papon, Natural Product Reports, 2021,

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