Plasmid DNA sequencing (SOP ID: 0002)

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Release date:
November 8, 2019

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November 8, 2019
Ada Serena Marletta


Ada Serena Marletta

1. Scope

This Standard Operating Proceducere provides a step-by-step protocol for DNA plasmid sequencing with pre-mixed sequencing primers.

2. Background

This Standard Operating Procedure is intended for qualified personnel who was trained according to the ISO-9001 quality framework.

3. Prerequisites

  • 1,5 ml safe-lock tubes
  • 0,2 ml strip tubes for PCR
  • 96-wells plates for PCR
  • Sequencing Primers
  • Centrifuge
  • Sequencing labels (if required by DNA sequencing provider)
  • Biology grade water

4. Changes since last revision

No changes were made since last version

5. Role and responsibilities

Author (Au): Staff scientist properly trained to draft, review and disseminate standard operating procedures within the framework of ISO-9001

Approver (Ap): PI with the authority to approve, reject and withdraw standard operating procedures

MIAMI Quality Manager (QM): MIAMI authorized Quality Manager

Operator (Op): Staff scientist properly trained to execute the standard operating procedure

Other (Oth): Third-party personnel and/or institution and/or authority, and/or service provider.

6. Monitoring Requirements

The present document can be reviewed at any time required by the author and the MIAMI Quality Manager.
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